My Blog’s first birthday

Today is my blog’s (Pardesh Baata) birthday. It’s been one year since I started this site last year on the occassion of nepalease new year. And with this opportunity, I would like to thank to all my blog readers, visitors, relatives and friends, who always supports and gave good suggestions on blogging to encourage me . But unable to update it regularly, so sorry u all…….  🙂

In gratitude, I have got 56650 visitors till today (from April 14, 2007). The highest no. of visitors 628 on Thursday, April 3, 2008 when i’m in rest period. Any way…… All you have to do is write a comment on this birthday post : My all times Top post till today is:

Cathie Jung : World’s smallest waist wom  
Manuel Uribe : World’s fattest man  
33 Pound Facial Tumor  
View of Earth from Outer Space  
World’s 7 Amazing Holes  
Burj Dubai : tallest in the world  
Painted Hands- Amazing Art  
20 Richest Women from Entertainment  
Top-15 Richest Monarchs of the World  
Fashion show : Awareness towards Condom  
Kissing : 16 Interesting Facts  
World’s largest carp  
Sky City 1000: City of the future  
World’s Biggest Monster Bike

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