Aditya Dev: Shortest Bodybuilder in The World


They say that ‘a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.’ If that’s the case, then nobody could be more embiggened than Aditya Dev – the world’s smallest bodybuilder.

Aditya Dev, 19, stands just 33 inches tall – but weighs an impressive 9.25kg (just under 1.5 stone), and has a chest measurement of 20 inches.



24 responses to “Aditya Dev: Shortest Bodybuilder in The World

  1. hi i think that this is amazing go you !!!
    it just goes to show
    if you work hard enough for something you can acheive anything!!!!

  2. cool ,can’t believe how small he is.Sometimes theese people can get abused for there size,however i am amazed at how brave he is. It looks like he’ll never let anyone get him down.

  3. hi that is the funniest pic that is my fav pic and i all ways look at that pic and lugh LOL

  4. hey im johnny im asian chinese italian spanish german french sulvakian kazickstanian durky turkish australian european american canadian british swedish ukrainian african egyptian japenese korean thai mongolian mexican indian peruvian equidorian bolivian south american i have only a mom and dad hahahahahahahahahahahaha that was funny i speak 90 different languages

  5. Your amazing, and so is your trainer for giving u a chance, welldone, may you live a very happy fullfilled life. x

  6. WOW he is soooo small and cute

  7. wow. there really aren’t any words that can explain how amazing that is

    p.s. johnny, i think its really cool that you know sooo many different languages. i would love to learn one

  8. You can get mad girls can’t you? I know I do.

  9. choong!!

  10. wooow uhmm dnt even noo watt too sayy watts a moronnn hee heee

  11. how much do you lift

  12. how much do you wiegh

  13. good for you thhumbs up

  14. Hey buddy, You are truly unique. I am impressed with your natural potential as a body builder. You have great delts and an impressive chest measurement. keep hitting the heavy squats and the rest of you will grow.

    Your big friend


  15. this is cool but he could put a little size in his legs and tone up his triceps a little more, wouldnt do too well in a comp in his current condition

  16. wooow u have a yellow hed

  17. What an inspiration you are to all those people that always have excuses as to why they don’t train…..right on, Bro!

  18. how much can he lift?????

  19. Whoa! This is incredible! I really love records, it’s very surprising.

  20. wow! but i’ve seen shourter. too bad he couldn’t make it in the world record books.

  21. Looks like he dyes his hair!

  22. hi you are so cool man like to see you one day

  23. hOW MUCh dO YOU LiFT???

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