Fujitsu’s P1620:Smaller, Lighter, and Cheaper Than MacBook Air

Updated Fujitsu Tablet is Smaller, Lighter, and Cheaper than Air

The Fujitsu P1620 Lifebook has just been announced, an update to its earlier P1610 ultra-portable. The new Lifebook P1620 offers the same processor as its predecessor, a 1.2 gigaherz dual-core processor, two-gigabytes of memory, and 100-gigabytes of disk space. All in a package just a little over 9-inches wide, making it a reasonable alternative to Apple’s latest.

It stacks up reasonably well against the Air, though it’s at a disadvantage at the start compared to the Air’s 1.6-gigaherz processor. The Lifebook’s 2.2-pound-heft makes it almost one-third lighter than the Air and it’s dimensions are smaller overall, though at 1.4-inches, it’s nearly twice as thick as Apple’s wunder-portable.

The screen is considerably smaller too, 8.9-inches vs. 13.3 on the Air, but the Lifebook’s screen swivels around, turning the device into a tablet PC.

Then there’s the battery, which is both user-replaceable (unlike the Air’s) and comes in two flavors. The standard three-cell pack will deliver an estimated 3.5 hours of life while an optional six-cell pack ($45 extra) will give twice that, quite a bit more than the five hours promised by Apple for the Air. Finally the price: $1,599 to start, compared to $1,799 for the Air.

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