New High Speed, High Capacity Memory Cards

Let the memory wars begin a new. SanDisk and Panasonic unveiled some impressive advancements in memory cards at the kickoff of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Memory card maker SanDisk has attempted to make it easier for users with High Definition camcorders to choose the memory card for their needs by listing the actual recording time capabilities of each different size Video HD card. The largest, and thus most sought, is the 120 minute or 8 GB Video HD card that comes with the class 4 rating which translates into super-fast transfer speeds for those data intense HD recordings.

Panasonic decided to bypass the HD branding of its card and, instead, produced a world’s first 32 GB SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) card. Also ideal for HD camcorders the card can be used with any other SDHC designated devices and features a class 6 label which puts its data transfer speed at the enviable 20MB/sec mark.

The SanDisk 8 GB Video HD card will be available this March at the MSRP of $139.99 whereas the Panasonic 32 GB SDHC card does not have a pricing or release date yet.

From Panasonic and SanDisk.


One response to “New High Speed, High Capacity Memory Cards

  1. Wow that is amazing. I have never heard of a 32Gb memory card, wow nice though. Thanks for the update on that.

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